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JEWELS Gems, Jewellery, and their Imagery 1680-1880 Marcia Pointon


Introduction: Value, Ornament and Visuality


Part One – Stories Touching Stones

Chapter 1

Fault Lines and Points of light

Chapter 2

'A Fine Brilliant glittering on the Little Finger'

Chapter 3

Caskets, Boxes and Sacrificing Jewels: Cornelia and Her Infants

Chapter 4

'Something Rich and Strange'


Part Two - Politics and Precious Stones

Chapter 5

Marie-Antoinette of France and the Diamond necklace Affair

Chapter 6

Charlotte of England, Warren Hastings and the Dangers of Diamonds


Part Three – Mechanical Pleasures

Chapter 7

Chinese Whispers: James Cox’s Jewellery Museum - London in the 1770s

Chapter 8

Toys and Automata: Jaquet-Droz and Leschot – Neuchåtel, Paris, London in the 1780s


Part Four – Jewellery: Consumption and Display

Chapter 9

The Treasury of the Santa Casa at Loreto and its English visitors

Chapter 10

Secular Memorials: Death and Memory in Jewellery


Part Five ‘Slime, Diamonds and Snow’ John Ruskin and his World

Chapter 11

Liking Stones

Chapter 12

Rock Play

Chapter 13

Collections and Gifts